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Innovation, product quality, respect for schedules and the added value of Polymol personnel are our strong points

With over thirty years of experience in the plastic injection mould sector, Polymol is an efficient and reliable Italian company; a solid partner with a fast turnaround in the production of industrial components and extreme flexibility with regard to quantities and processing times.

Production is mainly concentrated in the industrial sectors of automotive manufacturing, off-shore oil fields and pipelines, electrical components and lighting. Polymol is focused on continuous innovation, product quality and an industrial production built on the actual needs of the customer in terms of time and volume.

Polymol response times are in step with modern business and are extremely short; the stages of formulating the proposal, negotiating the job orders, realisation of the design and delivery of production are very quick and constantly monitored.

Polymol is capable of carrying out all stages of the manufacturing process: the various departments are able to work alongside the customer from the project planning stage, engineering and production to assembly, post-processing and final delivery of the finished part.

The corporate organisation, design skills and production capacity allow the company to carry out industrial projects of any size and complexity; the quality of manufacturing combines Italian creativity and the ability of personnel, accustomed to innovating and finding solutions, to conceive designs and execute them.

Market sectors

Polymol has the ability to adapt to the evolution of the market and to design solutions for product industrialization.

Over more than 30 years of experience moulding thermoplastic components, Polymol has developed its production capabilities across various industrial sectors. As well as having a flexible organisational structure which is capable of meeting the demands of every type of market segment, proposing and planning solutions, the company also has proven experience in the following sectors:

Automotive Connectors, coils, joints, gears and fixed components, pistons, pump components, sensors, functional elements to replace metal
Off-shore oil fields and pipelines Valves, joints, components for pumping and ventilation
Mechanical components Gears, wheels, ferrules, spacers, inserts, joints, fittings, valves
Electrical components Parts for transformers, relays, insulators, plates, bases, socket fixtures, shells, ferrules, cable glands and pins
Lighting Bases, ceiling lights, reflective surfaces, plastic components for lamps

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